Monday, May 25, 2020

Conciliator and Unifier

Abiy Ahmed Ali, PM of Ethiopia, is a conciliator and Unifier, in the tradition of past Ethiopian leaders (Emperors), who led a diverse country of religious groups (mostly Christian and Muslim), ethnic groups, and languages, and formed one nation. Abiy takes that role further, in the tradition of the late Emperor Haile Selassie, as a leader of Africa.

Here, PM Abiy, on his daily post on his Facebook page, informs us that today, May 25, is Africa Day.
Our vibrant & diverse continent with many assets is destined for multidimensional prosperity. As we celebrate #AfricaDay today, let’s strengthen our solidarity for the #AfricaWeWant.
The 2020 agenda for the African Union is "Silencing the Guns."

No more war. A united Africa.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Protesters Around the World

Laura Wood, at The Thinking Housewife, updates us regularly, almost daily, and persistently on the COVID-SCAM, which is gaining protesters around the world.

Here, from Argentina, from Sacramento (California), from Grand Rapids (Michigan), The Swiss Propaganda Network, and many more.

The Thinking Housewife has single-handedly taken on the COVID-SCAM. No-one else is doing what she does.


Champs de Mars, Paris
The terrible famine of the early 1970s became a backdrop of our years in France and England, where we lived amidst so much beauty and bounty. Those infants lying listless in their emaciated mothers’ laps became the icons of my childhood.

I am constantly surprised that I wasn’t much more affected by these images. At one time, even rock stars were putting them as stage props for their charity concerts. The most famous ones are of the infants and mothers. I think I sensed the biblical scale of this famine, and interpreted these images into a distorted Mary and infant Jesus. My young mind relinquished the horror to God (I never prayed about it, so it was an instinctive, intuitive, reaction), where I believed there would be a day of judgement.
Excerpt from my upcoming memoir Westward Bound: Western Bond

Lake Ontario: Golden Horizon

Lake Ontario: Golden Horizon
[Photo By: KPA]

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Friday, May 22, 2020

Kidist Foods: NGO

Here are details on my Kidist Foods NGO project.

Spring by the Lake

Spring by the Lake
[Photo By: KPA]

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Lakeshore Butterfly Blue

Lakeshore Butterfly Blue
[Photo By: KPA]

Lakeshore Waves

[Photo By: KPA]

We were listening to this piece of music as we arrived at our daily drive to the Port Credit lakeshore.

Agustin Pio Barrios Mangore - Vals N 3
Guitar: David Russell

Facts about COVID-19

Facts about COVID-19, referenced at The Thinking Housewife in her article Educating Other about COVID:
WOULD you like to help others understand Covid-19 in the face of overwhelming, false propaganda?

I know, the odds are slim because most people are unwilling to face the traumatizing possibility that they have been misled, but it’s worth trying to reduce the paranoia, frustration and depression that is rampant in areas still under extreme restrictions. To that end, consider making a print-out of all or part of this list, “Facts about Covid-19,” provided by Swiss Propaganda Research. [Read the rest of the post here]

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Ever-cautious Con-servatives

After weeks of silence on COVID, both on her tweeter pages and on her articles at VDare, Michelle Malkin is quoting another journalist, and retweeting Gemma O'Doherty's tweet (yes, indirect associations is the name of the game for the ever-cautious con-servatives).

Two months too late. We are watching.

"Fellow Feeling": Another Mercer Alliteration

This is hilarious (hahahahahaha)!

Here is my recent post by the indomitable, youthful looking, Ms. Mercer.

"These countries are also not multicultural and quite homogeneous. There is a thing called fellow feeling among people who share A LOT." - Mercer- tweet on May 19. (Below is the tweeter posts).

I wrote to Mercer in 2009, and re-posted the interaction with links to Mercer's various "social media" sites (I know they read those links) :
KPA: On a comment about collective feelings of grief, you made that sound like an impossibility, since only "individuals" feel grief. Yes, nations grieve, nations rejoice. This is not a communist thing. Of course it is composed of individuals, and of course each individual grieves idiosyncratically. But, a collective grief does occur. I was struck by your inability to see this.

Mercer: The other laughable issue is the accusation that I lack a healthy nationalism. Again, bloggers proudly display their absolute ignorance--they have no qualms about never studying the object of their expansive, idiot, smug comments.
Below is Mercer's May 19, 2020, twitter post on "fellow feeling":
The empty libertarian mind is always looking for references. And Mercer found mine just in time. So individuals do grieve collectively after all! (LoL)

Monday, May 18, 2020

The Pseudo-Saviors of the West: The Gifts that Keep Giving

I wrote here about Ilana Mercer's botox, and a not-so-subtle cleavage exposure.

Well, now she has competition. Here is Faith Goldy, a retweeter of Mercer's tweets. Goldy places a cross in front of her own whoppers (visible at her youtube, around the 4:55 point). And Malkin's Facebook page shows her bare naked thighs.

We are on a roll here. Con-Women LIKE to be looked at. And Social Media deviously obliges.

COVID as the Great Delineator

City Centre Lockdown
Photo take Sunday May 17, 2020

The COVID Scamdemic has shown us how easy it is to disrupt and uproot whole countries, whole economies, whole societies.

I took a set of photographs around the Mississauga Civic Centre, and the adjacent Square One Shopping Centre and its parking lots in mid-March, shocked by the parking lots which emptied days after the first announcements of COVID, and posted them on April 9: City Centre Lockdown.

On May 9, a month later, I posted a commentary I wrote in mid-March, which I titled Death through Acquiescence.

Two months later, nothing has changed. Ontario's Premier, Doug Ford, promised of "gradual" openings starting in June, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Those that we trusted as mediators of information, analysts and interpreters of opaque Orwellian language, betrayed us. I can only deduce that they are complicit, either directly through financed support (what else is there?) or through deliberate activity to disrupt and destroy.

Whole cities of grownups have been reduced to infantile acquiescence for a virus that hardly makes it up the Richter scale. Whole economies have bent to the order of shutdowns and lockdowns.

And no-one says anything! Some smugly sit in their dubious castles, others sing praise to Western ingenuity, as their very leaders behave like quivering epileptics, convulsed by invisible spiritual forces.

Lies, lies and more lies is what we've got with COVID, and those we thought we trusted have said NOTHING.

I posted my City Centre Lockdown images on April 9, and wrote Death through Acquiescence in March 17, which I posted on May 9, a month later. I wrote: "The world belongs to us, now. We are the inheritors, and its spokespeople. All else want its destruction."

Now nearing June, my impressions have not changed one iota. And neither has the City Centre Lockdown.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Michelle Malkin Presidential Campaign on Social Distancing
(Not a Brimelow Joke)

Malkin as the Socially Distant President
Video here

The screen shot above is from the video conversation between Michelle Malkin and Peter Brimelow, who is doing a series of these live streams. I commented on one between Brimelow and Derbyshire, where Brimelow made a joke (flat and inconsequential) on "social distancing."

The title to the image comes from Brimelow's suggestion to Malkin (around the 50 second mark):
Brimelow: definition of a Civic Nationalist: Someone who's willing to vote for Michelle Malkin for President when she runs on a platform of immigration moratorium...So, tell us, when are you going to declare, Michelle?
Malkin: The prospect of me going back to Washingtonian in any form is really not attractive to me at all...
Brimelow: Social Distancing. It can be a socially distant president..."
The generally abrasive, and constantly angry, Michelle Malkin, about whom I wrote on May 15 on her reaction to the COVID-SCAM, has done her one-on-one with VDare's Peter Brimelow.

In my May 15 article on Malkin, I was trying to figure out her definitive position on the COVID-SCAM. I concluded that her commentary was inconclusive:
In any case, as usual with our off-Main-Stream-Media, they cannot make up their minds, or more precisely, cannot come up with their own data analyses and conclusions that COVID is not much to write about other than to compare it with other phenomena, such as immigration.
Earlier on, in my commentary on the Brimelow-Derbyshire video conversation, I speculate if VDare and their followers actually want the social, financial, and cultural ruin of our West, and the world over, really, a "global Gotterdammerung, to start their America on a clean, white slate.":
The discussion between Derbyshire and Brimelow centered around black crimes on whites, which is the repetitive, mantra-like, redundant postings through which VDare has made its trademark, over the couple of decades it has existed.

I have to speculate whether it is something that they wish for, some kind of racial war, to start the machinations of a global Gotterdammerung, to start their America on a clean, white slate.

The populations that are suffering due to this "pandemic" at much higher levels are the poor, mostly black and other "people of color," although not due to illness or death, but through financial loss of jobs and savings.
Near the end of the interview, the Brimelow-Malkin discussion does touch upon the COVID-SCAM social, cultural, and financial upheaval, but wraps it around immigration control, the scamdemic being a useful tool to start closing off and monitoring that porous border.
Brimelow: I really think that's what's happening with social distancing now. We're going to have to get used to all these epidemic diseases coming in because apparently it won't stop immigration from the Third World.

When I wrote Alien Nation I said I thought immigration was the wild card that would get immigration to public debate. But in fact, it turned out to be terrorism and they had to tell a lot of lies to suppress that problem. Now they're going to tell a lot of lies about a disease. But this is like at least the third wave of diseases that have come in since Alien Nation (Brimelow's 19... book) was written..


But the thing is social distancing...i like price and wage control. Massive overkill to what's going on...I think. Does that make sense to you?

Malkin: Yeah, absolutely, and I alluded to this in my column today at VDare [KPA:...I posted on it here] and this paradox of the government both overreacting and under-reacting.

Brimelow. Part of the problem is that they just won't be frank about it. For two months, three months, we've been writing about the disease, the racial issue...the racial differences in susceptibility.


And then quite suddenly in the past week, it has been politically correct to write about it, because it turns out that American blacks were unusually susceptible. And therefore it is useful to for basically guilting out the whites again.

And near the very end, the "Pandemic" gets a fleeting mention by Malkin, in relation of course to immigration ....

: But when the pandemic dies down, (if it dies down), that he's [Trump's] intent on pushing congress to pass the DACA deal after the Supreme Court.
So what if a disproportionate number of American citizens who are black (and brown - how about that, Michelle M., but what does she have to worry, with her Jewish/"white" husband) are in danger of the social and financial consequences of this disease. Our whole purpose is to support and represent the white race.

In fact, so what if a substantial number of poor whites are also affected by this scamdemic. Our purpose is "America First!"

When principle becomes subordinate to purpose, then anything goes.

Once again, the discussion between Brimelow and Malkin hardly touches the COVID-SCAM, and the effusive Malkin, bestowed with Brimelow's praise, and encouragement, on her battle for America, seems to be on the road to the Presidency, or at least start off with a Mayorship for Colorado Springs, CO, as she coyly defers from discussing with her protege Brimelow.

I have to add, the "conservative" Malkin, who dresses anything but conservatively, presents herself thus at a recent presentation in 2019 at the annual Western Conservative Summit, in 2019.

By the way, it was really difficult to find out the topic of Malkin's presentation, let alone the title. It is as though we should blindly accept that whatever these "immigration" critics say or write about is sacrosanct, and needs no more than their names. I believe Malkin was simply a "guest speaker" during a luncheon session, according to this schedule.

And Malkin, whose husband is Jewish, and who is purportedly Filipino Catholic, has two children, whom she raises as... what?

It is the usual story of contemporary conservatives, usually in some grip with Jewish influence, without a Christian spiritual principle to guide their ways, as I wrote here, here, and here, amongst many other posts, who use their pent up energy to deflect the issues towards other "pressing" items, like black crime, and of course, immigration, as America, Canada, and the West are being destroyed by a fake disease, which NONE of them have brought up in their copious interviews and discussions.

So, it bears repeating, as I have done in several of my recent blogs, on this absence of intelligent commentary on the scamdemic:
I have to speculate whether it is something that they wish for, some kind of racial war, to start the machinations of a global Gotterdammerung, to start their America on a clean, white slate.
Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Lakeside Rhododendrons

We've been getting some rain, and grey skies, these days.

But a grey day is perfect for color photography, without the harsh contrasts that a bright sunny day brings.

Lakeside Rhododendrons
By Lake Ontario (Port Credit)
[Photo By: KPA]

All About (the Black) Race

It is all about race, isn't it, for the modern con or lib.

Malkin, about whom (and about whose news "analysis") I posted here, and which also includes her interview with VDare's Brimelow, another race obsessed con, has her twitter description as "Little brown woman."

So what? Does this give her some kind of magical insight into the plight of blacks, and browns, in America? Is she the expert?

Hardly, with her Colorado home, and holidays, and some kind of cushy job writing a syndicated column for

I wonder if she's ever been to a "brown" country, such as Mexico, or the Philippines, from where apparently her predecessors hail?

Hiking in the Colorado mountains hardly makes the Third World score.

[Image source: Michelle Malkin's twitter page header]

And I wonder why these con women desire so much to show the world their online touch-ups? I really don't want to see Malkin's thighs as I read her twitter page, which is hardly ever. A picture is worth a thousand words.

It is important to note that Malkin, who professes to be a Roman Catholic, is married to a Jewish man. How do they bring up their children: Catholic, Jewish, non-determined to decide later? And where does female modesty appear in all this?

The Iniquities of Immigration

Below is my post from July 4, 2018: The Iniquities of Immigration

Immigration is the contemporary world's greatest iniquity. From there arises all the adjoining iniquities, the biggest being multiculturalism. The sin of immigration is as much the immigrants' as it is those accepting the immigrants.

In God's design of our world, there is no immigration, as we understand it in our contemporary world: the mass movements of peoples from one region of the world to another, and more specifically from the southern/eastern regions to the western.

Each people has its own country, its own region, its own place, its own home, built and nourished and sustained by its own people, ancestors and those still living. Each people knows how to maneuver and live with the deficiencies of its particular country, and often loves it more because of these struggles and, many times, the victories, small or large.

By immigrating, contemporary people cut off these ties, sever them and often irreparably. They remain in limbo with memories fading further into the recesses of their minds of that beautiful country which gave birth to them and which they so readily abandoned for a few material comforts. This trauma lives on in their children and their grandchildren.

I make a bold suggestion. Let's follow Moses' example. Let us make an Exodus away from the false promise and to the real promise. Our real promised lands.

Finding Culprits for the Rage

Michelle Malkin, another contributor to VDare's long list of "immigration restriction" articles writes about the Corona, unable to articulate who to get mad at.

Malkin wrote an article for Mother's Day for the UNZ Review (a VDare-affiliated on-line publication) where she rails at the US Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Fauci:
How dare you accuse us parents of being “cavalier” with our children’s health, Fauci, when you are scaring them with dubious, unverified claims connecting a few cases of an alleged mystery pediatric disease to the coronavirus?

How dare you toss around so cavalierly the uncorroborated specter of “Kawasaki syndrome” (a rare but treatable disease) while untold numbers among the 57 million K-12 students suffer from the effects of panic-induced anxiety, depression, phobias and isolation?
At the first "how dare you" I thought Malkin was talking about the dubious medical claims to the dubious COVID-19, a virus which hardly reaches the level of previous flu epidemics (and for which there were no country lock-downs).

But she's (metaphorically) yelling at the Fauci, for linking increased COVID with children with Kawasaki syndrome, whose reality the eminent Doctor seems to doubt.

Still, Malkin's article is so convoluted that I am not sure if she takes the COVID-19 as a pandemic-scaremongering, or if parents like her, with a daughter "battling chronic pain and joint hypermobility requiring multiple surgeries" (is that also the Kawasaki syndrome Fauci was talking about?) SHOULD take the COVID seriously. Again, it is not clear if Malkin's daughter has this syndrome, or another similar.

Is she agreeing with the lock-down? Is that why she is traveling up to small town Colorado for Mother's Day - "We drove out east from Colorado Springs to the tiny town of Calhan for a lovely little hike in the purple-and-gold-hued Paint Mines archeological district. Unmasked, we basked in the sunshine, fresh air and freedom. The park was teeming with moms like me who put family bonding over “social distancing. [KPA: How easy it is to 'social distance' when you have the natural social distancing of large natural areas, when social distancing becomes 'a glorious thing'.]"

Is she simply venting, since she believes/doesn't believe (depending on the story, and her mood) the COVID-Scare (a virus which is not as lethal as the least lethal of flus, and for which we've never had a country-wide lock-down)?

Or did she have to write an article on something newsworthy, and COVID had to be it?

In any case, as usual with our off-Main-Stream-Media, they cannot make up their minds, or more precisely, cannot come up with their own data analyses and conclusions that COVID is not much to write about other than to compare it with other phenomena, such as immigration, and/or rare and unpleasant diseases.

So, Malkin's article simply becomes a rage (at some machine).

Malkin's full article is here.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Social Distancing as a Joke

Derbyshire (of two VDare "genii" - listen to their joke during the interview on Youtube below and here) meets up with Brimelow, editor of VDare, via some teleconferencing method now the rage in this corona-era to discuss, well, NOT social distancing.

I tuned in (actually listened to the taped video) genuinely believing that they would somehow discuss the fake pandemic.

But, I discovered that what I wrote earlier still holds: that VDare has no interest in the societal and economic upheaval that this fake pandemic is causing the world.
What is disconcerting is that VDare has not posted a single coherent piece on the spectacular "lockdown" (a prison term, by the way) on Americans and Canadians, and actually the whole world, on a fake pandemic for a virus that has killed less than flu virus (and viruses), which originated from an outdoor market in China.[Reclaiming Beauty, April 28, 2020]
The discussion between Derbyshire and Brimelow centered around black crimes on whites, which is the repetitive, mantra-like, redundant postings through which VDare has made its trademark, over the couple of decades it has existed.

I have to speculate whether it is something that they wish for, some kind of racial war, to start the machinations of a global Gotterdammerung, to start their America on a clean, white slate.

The populations that are suffering due to this "pandemic" at much higher levels are the poor, mostly black and other "people of color," although not due to illness or death, but through financial loss of jobs and savings.
[T]he most jobs at risk [due to the coronavirus lockdowns include]...leisure and hospitality..., transportation ..., employment services..., mining ..., and travel arrangements.


The analysis signals that this recession will be particularly challenging for people of color. While about 12.5% of non-Hispanic white Americans work in the most affected industries, this is true for 17.6% of Hispanic workers and 16.8% of blacks. Hispanics make up a large share of employment in the leisure and hospitality industry, and black workers make up a bigger proportion of the transportation sector. [Source]
Poor whites may suffer also, but to a lesser extent. And wealthier whites have many strategies to reduce their corona-problems, including rushing off (in Canada at least) to their second homes in quieter and healthier lake-side properties.

Poorer people may not have the luxury of credit cards, or even internet connections which they trust will not eat away their online dollar expenditures.

And wealthier whites can stay for much longer holed up in their five-bedroom homes, with one room each for Mom, Dad, and three kids (and even with one room to spare), than would poorer families of five living in apartments of three rooms.

Either way, the corona seems to be financially affecting non-whites more than whites.

I thought Brimelow and Derbyshire would discuss the draconian, government imposed shut-down and lock-down for a "big nothing" virus, as I wrote earlier, and how it affects some more than others (although certainly affecting all). Instead, their social distancing was simply a joke on the times.

Their conversation consisted purely of "immigration restriction" in the time of the virus.

And Brimelow's idea of a joke is to put in front view a bottle of whisky, and to drink from it: "The Corona has turned me to drink."

My recent (corona) post on VDare is here.

Mallard Ducks: Female Subtelty

[Photos By: KPA]

The most conspicuous of the ducks is the male mallard duck. Its iridescent head, glowing with gold tints, is truly beautiful. Its body, a fluffy down, inviting touch, is equally attractive.

But it is the subtly of the female that wins my points.

Here are a mallard duck couple. They didn't seem to mind my intrusion, as long as I didn't get more than two feet to close. Then they just simply quacked. And I obliged.

I had my weapon, my camera with its super-zoom lens, which can take tele-photo close-ups. And a close-up of the female's feathers was truly surprising.

There is a stroke of a blue-purple, in just one area, near the bottom of the abdomen, which brandishes and identifies this feminine counterpart. Nothing flashy, but present, all the same.

If only human females would learn this art of subtlety, and let that indomitable male shine, or let him let her shine.

But, I prefer the art of the mallard. A stroke of purple is all it takes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

New Looks for the New Woman

I wonder if Ilana Mercer, about whom I have written here, in numerous posts (as well as numerous posts some ten years back at my Camera Lucida blog (2005-2013), has had a face lift, is botoxed, whatever?

Left: From a 2019 Video
Right: From a 2016 Video

It follows the Libertarian's "the individual can do whatever he wants, as long as he's doing 'no harm,'" as well as the inherent (closeted) feminists that are most women in our modern age.



Both from Mercer's Youtube Channel.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Modern Times

In Defense of Wallpaper

Bold wallpaper in Coronation Street interior

From my Camera Lucida (2005-2013) blog post In Defense of Wallpaper, December 2, 2009.


In Defense of Wallpaper

I hardly watch any series, serials or sitcoms. But, one that I follow is the gritty working class British soap opera (I think the longest standing), Coronation Street, which the CBC obligingly airs six months later than the British schedule. The actors are all excellent, with their Western England accents. All the characters show a resilient cheerfulness, where tragedies never handicap anyone, and a loss is sooner or later forgotten in the pursuit of a possible gain.

One thing I've noticed, which I don't think occurs in any other sitcom, is the abundance of wallpapers. From gaudy silvery leaves to delicate poppies, and entangled vines and flowers to modern, monochromatic versions of old-fashioned designs, decorative paper covers the walls of almost all the homes in Corrie Street.

I wonder if wallpaper has been relegated to working class homes in Britain? The fanciful and opulent these days prefer their walls stark and bare, showing off their wealth with "less is more" pretentiousness. Yet, they don't know what they're missing. The abundance of pattern that adorns the homes of these modest people surely influences their charitable spirit and cheerful bearing. An empty and sterile home breeds empty and sterile personalities. Wallpaper converts the poor man’s home (any man’s home) into a rich and warm abode. The intricate repeat pattern splendor of shapes and forms highlights generosity and abundance. How can one remain stingy and dissatisfied when the walls are covered with such glory?

Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Wisdom That Is From Above

Swan on the Lake (Ontario) 2

James 3:17
...the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

The Museum of Beauty

Welcome to the Museum of Beauty!

Swan on the Lake (Ontario) 2

Lake Ontario
Port Credit
[Photo By: KPA]

Death through Acquiescence

Below is what I wrote on March 17, as I was just beginning to understand this "pandemic."


It's fascinating. A pathetic virus (sane people slip out that it is a variation of the flu) is running the world.

I was watching the news (CNN, CBS, NBC, and the Canadian CBC and CTV) during the first announcements of the "pandemic," and they are all alarmists.

Don't the newscaster have any shame? A virus which by epidemiology standards is NOT an epidemic, let alone a "pandemic" is running the world.

Of course, the news has to have been manipulated.

As the coronavirus map shows, the virus has "bypassed" most of the world, including the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, the Horn of Africa, etc. Even Canada seems immune, but you wouldn't know it with the public panic attack.

It IS the Western World under attack. Europe, the beautiful Italy, Spain, France and of course England and Britain.

The maps, the talking heads, the "experts," the "doctors," and some "news analysts" all talk in apocalyptic language.

The Western World will die with a pathetic acquiescence of a contrived disease. Not through some glorious outrage and uproar.

For us, for me, it is good to know where we stand. Let them all fumigate in the mire of their own making. Let them reject and deny God, and follow the Devil's directions.

It is a fascinating, and exciting time.

The world belongs to us, now. We are the inheritors, and its spokespeople. All else want its destruction.

I have revived my Museum of Beauty idea, which I hope to develop into an online presence. There are lots of sane people out there who have had enough of these usurpers.

This is a clever, ingenious, strategy: creating a non-virus to affect our civilization.

But nature is honest. And the birds are chirping the arrival of Spring. Flowers will be blooming soon.

So, have a good day!

Star Tulip
(Tulip Tarda)
Photo By: KPA -
Port Credit, Mississauga
[Photo By: KPA]

Friday, May 8, 2020

Swan on the Lake (Ontario)

[Photo By: KPA]


The Swan
By: Camille Saint-Saƫns
Cellist Audun Sandvik and pianist Helge Kjekshus

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Compliment and Insult

Young Jewish and Chinese girls in Harbin, China [Source]

I was complimenting Mercer where I wrote to her during a 2009 email exchange:
At some point, the interactions got really weird. I think one thing that started it off was my criticism of article she wrote equating Jews with the Chinese. I said there is no comparison, Jews are better. This didn't sit too well. Of course, her response had a whiff of "you are racist" to it [Source: Camera Lucida, 2009].
I was actually saying to her that she was better than the Chinese - brainier, at least. I guess racial "criticism" only goes one way - about the "better off."

Mercer's chiseled pen, with her contributions to VDare, still couldn't accept my proposal that Jews are better than Chinese. We could have discussed the implication, the intrinsic details, what it all means. And if that makes the Chinese any less human.

No. I was simply a racist.

Magnolia in the City

Saucer Magnolia by the Mississauga Civic Centre
[Photo By: KPA]

The Globalists Inc.

The biggest mistake of Trudeau and the Globalists Inc. going down in the socio-political history of the 21st century is that they thought they could re-structure the world.

I still believe the response to COVID ought to be a spiritual one, with the admittance that we ALL made mistakes in our heathen atheism, and where we ask for forgiveness, and redirection by our almighty God.

Still, revolutions are fomenting everywhere, one individual at a time. Throughout the planet.

This blogger agrees with me (or I agree with him):
It's totally counterintuitive to everything they do, they rule with an iron fist and fear. To defeat them we have to do the opposite of their tactics -- promote beauty and love. We have to promote things that truly mean a lot to us and shine our light while we can. And if we set an intention to do this, I know that God will help us.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Mercer Correspondence Updated for Content and Information:
"Smart" Denegrations, Especially in Emails, Stick Around

Recently, a correspondent emails:
I never read Vdare...Just not interested in it. Are you talking about Ilana Mercer? Oh yeah, she's just a total Jewish shill, like Faith Goldy.
From Wikipedia:
A shill, also called a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization without disclosing that they have a close relationship with the person or organization. Shills can carry out their operations in the areas of media, journalism, marketing, politics, confidence games, or other business areas. A shill may also act to discredit opponents or critics of the person or organization in which they have a vested interest through character assassination or other means.
Here is one of my recent posts on Mercer where I question her alliance with Israel:
Ilana Mercer, in her biography on her website, writes:
Ilana is a fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies (an award-winning, independent, non-profit, free-market economic policy think tank).
She is listed at the JIMS website "team" as a "Media Fellow."

The JIMS states its mission as:
...promot[ing] social progress in Israel through economic freedom and individual liberty.
What is Mercer doing writing for an organization with political roots in Israel?
Below is Mercer's attempt to discredit me, albeit through email interaction. I believe she meant to silence me. Below is an excerpt from an email "correspondence" I had with Mercer in 2009, after I questioned her "collective" loyalty to a nation, due to her libertarian "individualism" ideology, regarding her July 4, 2009 article A July 4th Toast to Thomas Jefferson - And the Declaration. She wrote back to me, but with disdain, not acknowledging me, even though she was replying to me!
KPA: On a comment about collective feelings of grief, you made that sound like an impossibility, since only "individuals" feel grief. Yes, nations grieve, nations rejoice. This is not a communist thing. Of course it is composed of individuals, and of course each individual grieves idiosyncratically. But, a collective grief does occur. I was struck by your inability to see this.
Mercer: The other laughable issue is the accusation that I lack a healthy nationalism. Again, bloggers proudly display their absolute ignorance--they have no qualms about never studying the object of their expansive, idiot, smug comments.
This was in 2009. I posted on this on my Camera Lucida blog on July 4, 2009 (her article came a day earlier at World Net Daily). The full interaction is on July 5, 2009, at Camera Lucida.

Well it's now 2020! "Smart" denegrations, especially in emails, stick around.

Chinese Always Playing Catch-up

My comment in my Council of European Canadians article: Who is Dr. Theresa Tam, following up on the discussion in the comments on China:
It is easy to dismantle their [the Chinese] apparent incursions into the West, since they are always playing catch-up.

My Early Days Corona-Conclusion

I was discussing the Coronavirus with a group of people at its very early stages, when statistics were just coming in, and when we were all trying to figure out how to behave to avoid infection.

This is, by the way, standard behavior for the annual flus we get.
[Discussion in mid-March]

I think this virus is a big nothing, and all we should do is take extra precautions, as we would the flu virus.


Trudeau and his team have chosen to make the Canadian population suffer through business closures and restrictions (on a virus which barely makes it on the epidemiological scale, as I said - a big nothing). We are still trying to figure out their agenda, but I believe it is to re-orient Canada, and Canadian society. Don't think multiculturalism will get part of the pie, either. At Walmart, those struggling with shopping carts and dozens of bags are not white Canadians, who can order online and get deliveries through expensive FedEx packages, but Indians, Chinese (yes, they are poor here), Arabs, etc.
And here is my Council of European Canadians article, after a couple of weeks of research and assessment, where I write:
[...] a lockdown of dutiful, and guilt-ridden, Canadians became the reality. Across the country, dutiful citizens closed their shops, left jobs, shuttered schools and daycare centres, and stayed home, waiting for Tam’s daily updates, to urge them to participate in the next battle tactic against their invisible enemy, who could be lurking anywhere.

And they all obliged. Tam’s draconian “Stay Home/ Restez a la Maison” ordinance could be the beginning of much stricter enforcements to come, based on her premise that “anyone could be infected,” which means that we could all be infected
And here below is one of a series of photographs I took of parking lots around Mississauga's city centre, where the Civic Centre, which is across from the large Square One shopping centre/mall, is located. These lots (they stretch as far back as the building block at the very far end) are usually full capacity, starting early in the morning (by around 8am). These photographs were taken a little later, around 9:30am. I posted them on April 9th under City Centre Lockdown, although I started to take them in late March.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Sunshine Tulip

Star Tulip
(Tulip Tarda)
Photo By: KPA -
Port Credit, Mississauga

This early species tulip stays low to the ground, and tolerates a root-filled space on a slope in my dry, sandy garden – albeit in one of its sunniest spots. The bulbs seem to increase, and always look incorrigibly cheerful in their sunnyside-up, fried-egg colours, each opening to a six-pointed star in the sunlight.
[Text source: Toronto Botanical Gardens Blog]

Bears Repeating

[Image source: VDare twitter header]

"What is disconcerting is that VDare has not posted a single coherent piece on the spectacular "lockdown" (a prison term, by the way) on Americans and Canadians, and actually the whole world, on a fake pandemic for a virus that has killed less than flu virus (and viruses)."

KPA on Reclaiming Beauty: Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Brimelow and the Christophobes and Dooming America

Available on eBay

I wrote about this on my Camera Lucida blog in 2009, around the same time as my other posts on Mercer and Derbyshire. Brimelow's lingerie blog is below, my commentary is below that, also found here.
Peter Brimelow
Victoria's Secret—A Christmas Victory!

We can always find bad news to write about at VDARE.COM, so here's some good news: Victoria's Secret, which sells, well, everyone knows about Victoria's Secret, has just come out with a CHRISTMAS 2009 CATALOG! With "CHRISTMAS 2009" RIGHT ON THE FRONT COVER! (Inspect here).

Not only that, but the model on the cover has BLUE EYES and BLONDE HAIR! Isn't that a Hate Crime, now that Obama has indeed signed the Matthew Shepard Free Speech Suppression Act?

Thank Victoria's Secret. Seriously—the Christophobe crazies will be complaining.
Fortunately, I got the gist of the "immigration" "patriots" and just left them to their space soon after. Of course, though, who said that immigration patriotism doesn't pay dividens.


Why Can't Conservatives Get It Together?
Some passing thoughts

Camera Lucida
Friday, October 30, 2009

Peter Brimelow, founder and editor of, has written a blog on his website about a lingerie company using the word Christmas on their catalog. Not only that, Brimelow graces his blog post with a photo of a woman in Christmas-red underwear.

A group of conservatives (I hate to use that word, because I'm convinced that many of them are variations of libertarians) are attending the The HL Mencken Club 2009 conference. And the conference is titled..."We are Doomed!" with an exclamation mark, no less. It is of course after John Derbyshire new book (with exclamation mark in tact): "We are Doomed! Rediscovering Conservative Pessimism."

Addendum 2020:

Brimelow's point is of course that these Victoria's Secret soft porn lingerie models are blond and blue-eyed. What's showing a little flesh if one advertises those blue eyes?

These people have a knack for picking those perfect - self-destructive - imagery. I already covered that with Ms. Mercer, and, of course, the Derb.

Mercer and Derbyshire have found each other:
Dialogue Between Two Atheists

John Derbyshire, writing as Bradlaugh at Secular Right, commenting on Ilana Mercer's Your Godless Government At Work.
This got me thinking about theology. What’s it for ? It’s obviously tribal in essence, though you have to extend the meaning of “tribal” to include “fictive tribes” like Christianity and Islam. (Well, I think you do.) Any given theology is of zero interest to anyone outside the tribe. If someone tells you he’s making a deep study of Rabbinic Literature, you can be 99 percent sure he’s Orthodox-Jewish; if deep in Thomism, he’s Roman Catholic; etc. 

It’s all just tribal chanting.


I don’t really have a conclusion here. I’m just thinking out loud. And trying to get Ilana’s attention.
Well that got Ilana M.'s attention alright:

Mercer rebuts:
As one of the few intellectually honest, brilliant, paleo-conservatives around, Derb, naturally, always has my attention. (There are quite a few brilliant paleos, but not all are intellectually honest.) 
[KPA: There is the indomitable Ilana tooting her own horn, at the slightest opportunity. Although I should be careful with that "indomitable" (= "impossible to subdue"].
Continues Mercer:
A couple of comments from one secular rightist (me) to another (Derb): Although not religious, I’m a defender of the so-called Judeo-Christian tradition. I’m not hostile to religion...
I’m of a generation of secular Jews which knows and loves the Hebrew Bible as a tremendous literary, philosophical, and historical achievement.
I commented on this "conversation" in my Camera Lucida blog: Defence of the Judeo-Christian Tradition by Atheists:
It is unprecedented that people come outright and say "I am not religious." Previous generations wouldn't even know how to articulate these thoughts. What is even more irritating is the "but" that many of these people add. "Although not religious, I’m a defender of the so-called Judeo-Christian tradition." What does that even mean? As in "I will abstain from participating in one important element of Western tradition, but I will support it anyway?"

People can be overwhelmed by the beauty and poetics of the Bible, just as one can admire the poetry of Shakespeare. But, how can they, if they are so drawn to this book, not feel the mystery and transcendence of it as well? Where does that "tremendous literary achievement" lead to? Just for us to feel its tremendous literary achievement? Isn't there just something a little more than that?

Such is the ways of our modern world, where atheists sit around talking about the literary achievements of the Bible, as though they are great connoisseurs, and yet not have an ounce of reaction to its bigger picture.

Mercer goes on to quote Paul Johnson, who says:
The Bible is essentially a historical work from start to finish. The Jews developed the power to write terse and dramatic historical narrative half a millennium before the Greeks.
Yes, like the literary achievement, there is no doubt about its historicity as well. But, as usual, these "reasoned" intellectuals go around in circles.

It reminds me of people who endlessly talk about the great champagne they had, or the wonderful cheese you can buy at that high scale market, and who are so engrossed in their ability to discern such wonderful foods.

The Bible seems like such an exercise.

The Old Testament is a historical book. But the New Testament has an odd sense of ahistoricity about it. It is almost as though history has come to an end, or has reached its conclusion. Which is of course what Christ's story is all about; the long line of Jewish history, miracles and prophecy, which produced the Son of God, who became the salvation of mankind.

If the Bible (Old and New) were simply a historical document, then what would they make of the New Testament section of that Bible?

(Here are my recent posts on both: 
Mercer: 12
Derbyshier 1, 2, 3, 4)

Monday, May 4, 2020

Paris: Learning About Independence

Here, even then, in my juvenile amateurship, I seemed to know something about perspective. The view is from the steps of the Eglise de la Madeleine, and looks all the way down to Place de la Concorde.

Paris became a perfect training ground where I learned to rely on my wits to understand the often confusing and contradictory worlds I would inhabit for the rest of my life. I learned to be independent in Paris, and to understand my surroundings based on my own deductions, childish and simplistic at first, usually through quiet observation, and more sophisticated in my later years, and, up to this day, through additional support from books and study.

I became an avid reader in Paris. Almost all my books were in English, although I went through phases of reading some French classics, mostly because of my school requirements or my holiday French Language immersion classes during our summer vacations in Paris. These texts included Jean Racine's Iphigenie, Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary, Emile Zola's Therese Ranquin, Stendhal's Le Rouge et Le Noir, Marguerite Duras' Moderato Cantabile.

I also visited museums with regularity, skillfully weaving my way around the Louvre. I was never attracted to the more modern galleries since they confused me. Much later on, while studying film and photography, I realized that confusion, or distortion of reality, was their very purpose. I used my instinct to include things which I felt benefited me and to mercilessly discard those that didn't. I understood that time was not on my side, and indolence or bad judgment would cost me dearly.

That is a strategy I have kept all my life.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

The Flowers Appear on the Earth

Song of Solomon 2: 12
The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle [dove] is heard in our land

Magnolia Tree by the Lakeshore
[Photo By: KPA]



Derbyshire of Radio Derb has his own link at the VDare site, even getting the prime-space main page link.

- John Derbyshire's: VDare's Contract Man
- Where do Derbyshire's Expertise Lie?
- Letter to VDare

I wonder how Mercer didn't get the same with her "Youtube" "reporting?"

- Glib Stuff: The World According to Ilana Mercer
- The World According to Ilana Mercer: Part Deux


China-Covid and Ethiopia

I think Abiy, the new Ethiopian PM, is doing his best othat he could since I think Europe and America abandoned Ethiopia for decades. He looked (or at least his Communist predecessors, ten years now) looked towards China, which Abiy is simply working with. He cannot destroy ten years of social politics. And Abiy's politics is cleverly undecipherable. He works independently. His goal is to help, build, Ethiopia. He is smart, and is extending his influences into Europe and North America, as more Ethiopians in the West are realizing what this all means. I think China-COVID is a Godsend for Ethiopia.

Here is PM Abiy's latest post on his Facebook page:
Through cluster farming of wheat we have great potential to begin import substitution. The experience of cluster farming 2800 hectares of land through irrigation in Jidda Woreda of the Oromia Region is quite encouraging. This shows us that we have the capacity to stop our dependence on wheat imports at a national level if we intensify our productivity in this manner.

Similarly, cattle fattening endeavours by youth in Jidda Woreda is also promising. I encourage our small-holder farmers throughout the country to continue building on these capacities with the needed support.

Video on Theresa Tam

The Council of European Canadians have posted a video by Youtube video reporter Jill Colton, which discusses Theresa Tam, and which has my a screen shot of my CEC article. Colton also briefly discusses my article, which now has a record of 179 comments by concerned readers on the CEC website.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

May Flowers

Magnolia Tree
Port Credit, Ontario
[Photo By: KPA]

Friday, May 1, 2020

Update: Empty Outlines and the Multi-Culti-COVID-Era

The article Empty Outlines and Multi-CUlti-COVID-Era has been slightly updated, with some extra commentary, especially near the end and in relation to art and artists in Canada.

Empty Outlines and the Multi-Culti-COVID-Era

I wrote earlier about textile designer Chung-Im Kim, who teaches at the Ontario College of Art and Design:
Kim's designs are a combination of these "deconstructed-reconstructed" works of postmodern art and works that reference her Korean/Asian background.
As an artist, when I embarked on a new, and challenging, art discipline, I took time out from the normal in-class instructions and went out into the outside world to research, and understand, this new discipline.

I had just finished at Ryerson University, not graduating, but completing what I had set out to do: study, understand, and create films and photographs. My films (and videos) were exhibited in various galleries around Toronto, and including in exhibitions in France. And I had compiled a large collection of works based on a variety of photographic methods.

One method that intrigued me was silk screening, or more precisely, working on textiles. I did my first screen prints, which I titled Toronto Gables, in a small silk screen laboratory, with make-shift lights and printing boards, in one of the program's photography labs.

When I left Ryerson, I started looking for ways to advance this knowledge, including taking workshops in a downtown member-run centre Open Studio. And soon after, I started taking courses in the Ontario College of Art and Design's continuing studies program, for textile art, and specifically, repeat pattern techniques. I took the same course for four consecutive sessions, paying the $200/course fee. Kim was the instructor for all, as I describe here.

As I wrote here:
I wondered later why she [Kim] never introduced us to the endless list of "white" designers. All artists, however limited their education, at some point come across some textiles which are too breathtaking to ignore. I don't think she was intellectually limited. Nor can she use the "excuse" that she is an immigrant. She had lived in Canada by then too many years to not even have casually wandered across some of these works.

I believe it was (is) this inherent dislike of whites. Perhaps not individual whites, and certainly not the leftist whites which now make up Canada and America who hate "whites" or white civilization themselves, but the white people as a collective, the white civilization, the white mind.

Kim's designs are a combination of these "deconstructed-reconstructed" works of postmodern art and works that reference her Korean/Asian background.
Kim did leave something behind, though, which became a source of investigation for me.

I had been to visit Kim's exhibition in Toronto, and saw a group of her textile works, including the two below.

78" x 31"
industrial felt, silk dupioni,
fibre reactive dye,
silkscreen printing,
machine & hand stitching

'following tradition'
78" x 23"
industrial felt, handmade felt, fibre reactive dye,
machine & hand stitching

I think the one that initially struck me was Meditating. It looked like the waxing and waning of a moon, but rather than depict an actual waxing and waning, Kim flattened this moon-like structure. And rather than flip the "reflective" image - the orange moon-structure, starting with the "flattened" first and ending with the full round one, to give the image a more interesting dynamic - Kim left each side of the "progression" of the structure the same.

The second image that struck me was Following Tradition. It looks like a take on the maple leaf, or some kind of leaf, once again with a mirror image that is not quite a mirror image, of shapes that are not quite leaves. Perhaps "tradition" means the Canadian "tradition" of maple leaves.

I thought seriously about why a skilled textile designer could not make clear and concrete images.

As I write here:
Their [Kim's] ethnic references are too far away, and they are too alienated from their current country [Canada], and all that is left is the "structure" of the image: its shape, its empty outline.
I think this population, responding to false and exaggerated reports on a virus that hardly can be called a pandemic, is the result of an incredible, alienated, "multicultural" legacy, where cultures have no language with which to speak to each other, to denounce falshoods, and attacks on their well-being.

And how do you dare say the government is a liar if your existence depends on the government, and did so prior to such a societal event? Even as they suffer, these good "Canadians" still believe the government WILL save them, and those that have any inklings of a doubt are told by everyone and everything around them to just keep quiet.

But I believe a third group is the opportunistic ones, who have come to depend on grants and funds for their art projects which otherwise not see the light of day.

They cannot tell the truth, otherwise they incur the wrath of this government, which gives them the easy money they have become experts at acquiring, and are on various committees and organizations which look out for them, and for each other. These same people could "snitch" on them. Truth-telling becomes a dangerous sport (and art).

For all their fervent "anti-establishment" and "anti-[Canadian]tradition work," they are dependent on "government," and carefully glean what art will displease this government and what will not, and work accordingly.

It takes courage, and independent thinking, to go against this grain, including to say "I don't want your money."

Or, "I don't believe your story."

Welcome to the Multi-Culti-COVID-Era.

Steve Heinemann, Chung-Im Kim's "partner," contemplating eternity while self isolating,
from a post I wrote here

Chipmunk Canadiana

[Photo By: KPA]

The World According to Ilana Mercer: Part Deux

Ilana Mercer, in her biography on her website, writes:
Ilana is a fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies (an award-winning, independent, non-profit, free-market economic policy think tank).
She is listed at the JIMS website "team" as a "Media Fellow."

The JIMS states its mission as:
...promot[ing] social progress in Israel through economic freedom and individual liberty.
What is Mercer doing writing for an organization with political roots in Israel?

Which leads me to the following biographical information (on her website):
Ilana was born in South Africa, which her father, Rabbi Ben Isaacson, decided to leave pursuant to harassment by the South African security police on account of his anti-apartheid preaching and activism. (Ilana herself, on return, decades later, fought petty apartheid tirelessly.) The family departed in the 1960s for Israel, where Ilana spent her formative years. She returned to South-Africa in the 1980s, married and had a daughter. The family emigrated to Canada in 1995, and then went on to settle in the US.
And who is Rabbi Ben Isaccson?
Another courageous fighter [against Apartheid] was Rabbi Ben Isaacson. A graduate of Bnei Akiva and some of the finest yeshivot, he understood that the oppressive apartheid regime ran counter to Jewish values. As a rabbi, he felt compelled to condemn such injustices from his pulpit and he did so with gusto. Not all his congregants were sympathetic to these fiery sermons. As he berated successive communities for their compliance with apartheid, they responded by firing him. [Source]
Perhaps Mercer's conflicted cannibal imagery stems from her background as a fighter against Apartheid, which led to her post-Apartheid Apocalypse exposition. Perhaps what Mercer needed was a psychoanalyst!

The South African situation is tragic, and difficult to wrap around. The Boers/Dutch built that beautiful country, which is now reviving somewhat. But they did make an expeditionary risk, traveling hundreds of thousands of miles to find their Jerusalem on a Hill. The American nation is built on such adventurers. At some point, the natives might rebel.

Mercer, adamantly, writes "Yes I am a Jew" and continues on to vilify the author who questioned her, among other things, on the image she chose for her book cover Into the Cannibal's Pot.
Incidentally, double-barreled surnames are largely a feminist affection. “Mathis-Lilley” happens to be male. Or, rather, an excuse for a man. Real men don’t bully, berate and bitch baselessly.
(I forgot Mercer's knack for alliterations!)

Again, sloppy journalism and a little insight into Mercer's unremarkableness. She's not the world connoisseur she purports to be
In British tradition, a double surname is heritable, and mostly taken in order to preserve a family name which would have become extinct due to the absence of male descendants bearing the name, connected to the inheritance of a family estate. Examples include Harding-Rolls and Stopford Sackville.
There you have it, masculine and traditional.

Above: "Yes, I'm a Jew" Ilana Mercer with her Irish Catholic-South African husband Sean Mercer.

How will "Yes, I'm a Jew" Mercer bring up her mixed-marriage Irish-Catholic/Jewish daughter?

And below is Ms. Mercer with VDare's Peter Brimelow, at a Mencken Club conference, which hosted the "usual suspects." Brimelow and Mercer have likely met on many other occasions.

VDare has reviewed her cannibal's pot:
Not surprisingly, no mainstream publisher would have anything to do with this a stunning indictment of the state of affairs in Bantu-ruled South Africa...
There is a wiki-link for "Bantu," in case erudite VDare readers don't know that we're still in the same continent.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Glib Stuff: The World According to Ilana Mercer

One commentor makes a (clever) observation on Ilana Mercer's article Coronavirus and Conspiracy: Don’t be A ‘Covidiot’ [KPA: Why in scare quotes? Is Merecer trying to soften her blow?] posted on April 16, 2020, at the UNZ Review:
Ilana Mercer is a little too glib here … stylish see-thru top in the video, tho
The image is a screenshot from her video discussing the ways to be or not to be a covidiot.

And how about the stylish background now that "everyone" is "working" from home? I especially like the ethnic throw pillow effect.

The article and the video are also cross-posted at her website.

Mercer writes in her usual condescending, journalistic attack-dog "style," with her clever "Who's the covidiot?" But who needs clever when your bank account is zero?

The article not being enough, Mercer launches into a 2 1/2 minute Youtube video, just in case you are the usual covidiot suspect who doesn't understand written script.

Please read the piece and try and decipher: Is Mercer pro or con - any of it? Mercer has a knack for luminous muddiness.

Here is her book The Cannibal's Pot. I presume the cannibals are the black south Africans who killed, boiled and ate, the whites during those terrible post-Apartheid years.

It must have been a difficult, and exhausting, book to write. None dare to write a "con" for this book. I may do so one day.

Below is the image for the book cover she decided (accepted, Mercer states that she wasn't involved in the choice of image, but she could have refused the editors such a choice).
The cover art, of course, is the publisher’s purview, not that of the author.
I guess all those hands are those of the black men who raped that white woman - metaphorically.

She should have called her book, more honestly perhaps, The Rape of South Africa.

But then, Cannibals, Savages, and sub-par black Africans make for a better title with their grubby gorilla hands plastered on a crouching white lady victim.

Writing with style is a talent. Which (style) Mercer doesn't have.


The Magnolias at Mississauga's Jubilee Garden
[Photo By: KPA]

These magnolias are closer now to full bloom.

"You Said it, Faith"

Here is the wonderful Faith Goldy, who vouches to be a Catholic, (but I wonder if she is a converted Jew?), talk about the WHO-World Order:

Beautiful. Goldy and her VDare crowd insist on playing the race card to present their agenda. Close the border!

Well, news flash, the majority of Mexicans would rather close their border, and shut out the pervasive, persistent, Gringo influence. I know, I lived in Mexico for two years.

Who exactly is it that is pushing for the American influence? Who exactly is luring Mexican villagers to abandon their homes in search of menial jobs that "no American would do?" Maybe VDare and their crew should look behind their closets.

So, how about a white communist, such as, well, Bill Gates? This "black" communist, to whom Goldy refers, is the Eritrean Tedros Gebreyesus, about whom I wrote here. He hardly qualifies the "black" that Goldy is fetishizing. But then "race realists" are hardly in tune with the fine tunes.

And this White Communist now runs the world, including those ineffectual countries in the depths of Africa, which the world largely ignores until some "worthy" news occurs.